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Charge Point Operators

From energy flow to cash flow – and beyond

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Ensure the
Best End-User

EV charging is just evolving into a bona fide business. Operating a charge point network can be a path of trial and error – or a fruitful enterprise from day one. It's a question of basing your business on experience rather than expectations to ensure maximum uptime, easy functionality, as well as dependable regulation compliance.


EVA Global has been providing top-of-the-line digital infrastructure management for top-of-the-line charge point operators longer than anyone else in the industry. We’ll evaluate your sequestered real-time data alongside our extensive database on usage and market trends to provide you with exclusive insight into making your business reliable and profitable – now and in the future.

Maximize Network


Leveraging our extensive industry experience and real-time data analysis on our software and hardware agnostic technical platform minimizes potential downtimes, helping you secure the revenue of your EV charging network.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Collecting real-time data and making use of our knowledge base lets you make informed decisions in planning and running your operations, optimizing your first-time fix rate (FTFR) and up to facilitating predictive maintenance.

Ensure the Best End-User Experience

Providing quick resolve rates in end-user support contacts complements the positive impression provided by uptime. Backed up by our knowledge base and in-house training, our specialized agents make sure the driver is on their way as swiftly, as possible.

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