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We ensure streamlined, reliable EV charging services through providing a superior customer experience for end-users and assuring maximized uptime for charging infrastructure.

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Smooth your way into the EV charging business

The rise of electric vehicles has opened up new commercial possibilities for the energy sector. With adoption predictions soaring, it also presents a fresh business opportunity for expansion. In such a situation, it's crucial to partner with the best performers in the market— those with the most experience and the best insight into where the eMobility market is headed, how, and when.


From intuitive to insight-based business

In a swiftly changing and growing business, knowledge and foresight are king. EVA Global has both the experience and the insight to answer the needs of your market today and project them for the future. Our prominence is built on our extensive experience of working with main players in various aspects of the EV charging industry.

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From energy flow to cash flow - and beyond

You can operate your charging network by trial-and-error – or to the tune of maximized uptime harmony by relying on experience and know-how rather than guesswork and intuition. With our extensive experience and knowledge base you gain exclusive insight into ensuring the reliability and profitability of your business - now and in the future.


Change EV charging from a byway into a highway

Moving into the world of charging instead of filling your vehicles may appear to present challenges, but with the right partners and service design it can actually streamline your current operations.​ EVA Global is committed to accelerating the transition to the EV era, ensuring that every key player can provide reliable and consistent service. 

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Find and guide your customers into your fold

As always in a new, rapidly growing market, it is hard to locate and attract the best partners. EVA Global has been in the EV charging business since 2017 with the specific mission to boost rapid transition into the electric, sustainable future by ensuring the 24/7 availability and reliability of easy charging and support services.

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Turbocharge your customers’ business

The EV charging market is in a growth stage that may seem to drivers like a maze. EVA Global's mission is to bring clarity, reliability, and flexibility to the market. To provide service providers with superior products and peerless insight into what is happening in the industry and how to grow their prospective markets.


From a novelty into a growth opportunity​

EV charging is obviously a great way to attract customers to your business or premises. To succeed you need to know what your customers desire and need – how to take care of them even better. EVA Global, being one of the most experienced EV charging specialized services providers, has the expertise as well as the ever-expanding database to help you run your operation as efficiently and reliably as possible. ​

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Enhance your EV service to match your brand​

You know your customers better than anyone. But electric vehicles bring on a new, evolving set of expectations from your customers – how well do you know what they are now or in the future, and how to fulfill them best?​Serve your EV customers at the level and with the confidence your brand experience demands. Partner with us to grow your brand and increase your customer loyalty.


"We put the EV driver at the center of your value proposition"

- Niina Suuriniemi Hopper, Founder of EVA Global

We offer a unique combination that both maximizes customer satisfaction and ensures revenue for any organization in the EV charging value chain.


"…a customer using your services must be able to access help whenever they need, through whichever channel best suits them, and in the language they choose to communicate in."

At EVA, we pride ourselves on constantly evolving and expanding our offering.


Our specialized team is ready to fuel your growth and drive mobility into the future

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Maximizing uptime and availability of charging infrastructure

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EV Drivers

Dedicated to providing superior customer care, one driver at a time

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From the simplest questions to the most complex scenarios


We design and deliver localized customer experiences

How do you get more and more people excited about a new technology? -By offering them a unique driving experience.

Since 2017, EVA has been playing a key role in shaping the future of electromobility. We already support the transformation in 39 countries – and create confidence in a new technology among drivers. And the journey continues.

Become part of the movement

Mobility means freedom. It enables the exchange of goods and knowledge and brings people together. It is a motor for progress and prosperity. We are all called upon to preserve and sustainably expand this freedom. We owe it to future generations. They expect scalable solutions for today's most pressing problems. And electromobility can do a lot, but not everything.


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Delivering Peace of Mind with Great Customer Support

Delivering Peace of Mind with Great Customer Support

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Partnering to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

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A simple solution for a complex process

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We put the EV driver at the centre of your value proposition while understanding the whole charging ecosystem. Partner up with the industry’s leading managed services provider and ensure your leading edge in your EV operations.

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We help our customers to create new value and opportunities in their eMobility businesses.


Our vision comes with great responsibility. We are aware and therefor driven by change.


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