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EV charging is obviously a great way to attract customers to your business or premises. But it can also increase their loyalty to your brand. And grow your business around the EV charging operation as well.


To succeed you need to know what your customers desire and need – how to take care of them even better. EVA Global, being one of the most experienced EV charging specialized services providers, has the expertise as well as the ever-expanding database to help you run your operation as efficiently and reliably as possible.


An example of the extent and relevance of EVA Global services is our outstanding Assists service: experienced, knowledgeable, real-time end-user assistance to satisfy all questions and technical support your customers require, 24/7/365, in local lingo.

Position for the Future

Providing a charging opportunity is quickly becoming a norm in retail and hospitality. Destination charging will not be a nice extra, but a requirement from your customers. With EVA Global as your partner, you make sure you are not only meeting current customer expectations but are fulfilling the evolving needs of consumers.

Ensure the Best Customer Experience

Providing real-time end-user assistance becomes a competitive advantage, when you have EV-specialized experts in charge. Backed up by our platform and knowledgebase, our inhouse trained customer service agents ensure fast resolve rates. 

Diversify Revenue Streams

Dedicating a portion of your real estate for EV charging generates additional income through electricity sales and increased spending at your destination. Our deep understanding of operations allows for a seamless integration of new revenue-generating services, enhancing the overall value proposition for your customers.

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