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As always in a new, rapidly growing market, it is hard to locate and attract the best partners. You want to provide a reliable, compliant and easy system at a competitive price; help new partners adopt your service; and entice prospective ones to commit to your solution.


That's why it pays to trust the most experienced service provider in the business. To lean on know-how and data-based insight rather than mere intuitive assumptions.


EVA Global has been in the EV charging business since 2017 with the specific mission to boost rapid transition into the electric, sustainable future by ensuring the 24/7 availability and reliability of easy charging and support services.

Concentrate on Your Core Business

Partnering up and cooperating with the leading managed service provider enables you to concentrate on your core business. Powered by our experience and data-based insights, you can entrust us with ensuring the availability, reliability and compliance of the charging services.

Gain Advantage of Integrations

Integrating your software with our platform gives your customers wider possibilities in a multi-vendor setting, optimizing operations and giving a competitive advantage to all parties involved. Integration capabilities enhance the overall solution and ensures compatibility with the rapidly evolving EV charging landscape.

Grow with the Market Maker

Tapping into the insights of a central player, that connects the players of the EV charging value chain allows you to also be at the center of the transition towards eMobility. As your partner we go beyond intuitive assumptions and provide data that makes you well equipped to meet the evolving needs of your customers and the end-customer.

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