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The EV charging market is in a growth stage that may seem to drivers like a maze. At the end of that maze is where the rewards are highest. The simplest path there is cleared by providing easy, simple, reliable service to customers confused by the complexity of the current market offering and noise.


EVA Global's mission is to bring clarity, reliability, and flexibility to the market. To equip service providers with superior products and peerless insight into what is happening in the industry and how to grow their prospective markets.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Offering clear, reliable, and flexible solutions strengthens customer relationships. Our team of EV-specialized agents enhance your customer satisfaction and builds long-term loyalty in their native language, round the clock.

Ensure the Best Customer Experience

Focusing on simplicity and reliability is key in delivering the best customer experience. By offering easy-to-access services with top level resolve rates and speed we contribute to a straightforward and rewarding charging experience.

Gain Advantage of Integrations

Integrating your software with our platform gives your customers wider possibilities in a multi-vendor setting, optimizing operations and giving a competitive advantage to all parties involved. Integration capabilities enhance the overall solution and ensures compatibility with the rapidly evolving EV charging landscape.

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