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Vehicle OEMs

Ensure the
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You know your customers better than anyone. But electric vehicles bring on a new, evolving set of expectations from your customers – how well do you know what they are now or in the future, and how to fulfill them best?


EVA Global has unrivaled experience in providing the insight and the means to serve your EV customers at the level they expect from your brand. And an extensive, ever-growing database to support and enhance that knowledge.


Serve your EV customers at the level and with the confidence your brand experience demands. Partner with us to expand and increase your customer loyalty.

Ensure the Best Customer Experience

Leveraging our insights and dedicated EV driver support allows you to confidently extend your brand and carefully build customer experience into eMobility. Our end-user support, provided in local languages 24/7 keeps your customers happy and on the go.

Position for the Future

Profiling yourself to electric mobility requires both the vehicles and making the choice a journey for your customers. With our EV trained agents you can ensure a reputation of a company that hears the voice of the driver.

Concentrate on Your Core Business

Providing an outstanding experience does not rely on expanding operations that are not at the core of your strategy. Let us handle the intricacies of serving your EV customers, making sure they keep moving and form a lasting relationship with your brand.

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