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There is a growing opportunity in EV charging services as the quantity of electric vehicles keeps increasing. Moving into the world of charging instead of filling your vehicles may appear to present challenges, but with the right partners and service design it can actually streamline your current operations.


EVA Global is dedicated to boosting the transition into the EV era by ensuring that all the key players can offer reliable and consistent service. We utilize our unrivaled experience and data-based knowledge of the industry to ensure the best infrastructure management, maximize service uptime and availability for your vehicles, as well as help you build the most efficient management, maintenance, and user support platform.

Extend your Business Model into EV Charging

Embracing EV charging services opens new dimensions for fleets and logistics hubs. As your partner, we facilitate a seamless transition of your real estate by incorporating seamless charging infrastructure management and enabling you to extend your business model with eMobility.

Maximize Network Uptime

Maximizing service uptime ensures consistent and reliable EV charging, which is nothing less than a necessity in your setting. Our solutions contribute to an efficient and uninterrupted logistics workflow by providing real-time data on the state of your chargers, enabling you to address issues even before the end-user notices them.

Grow with the Market Maker

Taking full advantage of data-driven knowledge and our extensive industry expertise you can capitalize on emerging opportunities before they become points of parity. With us as a partner you can ensure sustained success with the evolving electric vehicle charging market.

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