Efficient EV Charging Through Centralized Charger Monitoring and Control 


October, 2023 / Blog

In the rapidly evolving field of electric transportation, essential questions arise: How can uptime be guaranteed? How can we ensure an end-user experience that results to repeat visits? And how can infrastructure longevity be secured?  

An isolated solution, or a series of singular solutions, does not tackle these questions in an efficient and scalable way. An all-encompassing approach is needed to enhance and secure a strong eMobility experience for all links in the value chain from infrastructure owners, and commercial operators to the end-users of the chargers, who ultimately set the stage for the rate of usage and the commercial success of the charging operation.  



Uptime and Reliability – The Bedrock of eMobility 

Whether we're considering eMobility for public or private usage, one fundamental aspect remains constant – the need for a reliable charging infrastructure. This isn't just about having chargers available; it's about consistently maintaining the infrastructure and ensuring it's operational whenever required. Any downtime or missed maintenance opportunities in quickly results in a ripple effect, leading to user dissatisfaction, loss of trust, and revenue setbacks. 


The Future of Infrastructure Monitoring 

A suite of distributed services is needed to address the complex demand in making electric mobility a ubiquitous option, that is seen as viable and secure. Such a system needs to provide a truly holistic view of the entire charging infrastructure. EVA Global has built its own system, that can, in addition to gathering and handling the data considered common in charging networks under into one composite source of information and network management, even provide insight and control over external energy systems such as battery storage or gas turbines.  


The EVA Charger Control Center, EVA C3, with its proprietary in-house developed OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) proxy is built to not only monitor, but also actively control the installation. The EVA C3 intercepts communication between chargers and charging point management systems (CPMS), collecting invaluable data and sending pertinent commands. Such a system allows network operators and owners to keep existing backend systems, including multi-vendor installations and setups, without any alterations to operations.  




Adaptability as the Path to Successful Network Management 

Versatility and adaptability are key in running a charging ecosystem, especially in a hardware and software agnostic multi-vendor setting. Needs and focus points vary by use-case and installation. Such a platform can for example implement load distribution based on live charging data. At its most integrated level the system is capable of modulating power output of charging stations connected to non-conventional power sources such as gas turbines, guaranteeing optimal performance and uptime of connected charging stations by preventing overheating. 


Maximizing Uptime through Predictive Maintenance 

Maintenance is inevitable, but downtime isn’t. By combining existing and accumulating data and machine learning, a holistic platform can forecast potential maintenance needs before they affect charging operations. Minimal disruption is further prevented by combining charger type, model and location data to predict any maintenance needs tied to the need at hand. Efficient use of data enables field service orchestration, that provides the maintenance crew a full picture of the situation before leaving base, ensuring they have the right parts and tools with them – providing further efficiency from a significantly improved First Time Fix Rate (FTFR). 


The Future of Charging Infrastructure Management 

While the market is looking for solutions, we argue a one solution combining all sources of data, capable of also remotely managing them is key in making EV charging an attractive option for all parties involved. In the fragmented, but rapidly evolving and expanding market there is the need to ensure the reliability, availability and accessibility of charging networks. 



Contact us to learn more about our technical innovations and how we can boost the value and profitability of your EV charging operations.  

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