Celebrating the Electrification of Transport with World EV Day

September, 2020 / Blog

Join the EVA team in celebrating the very first edition of World EV Day on September 9th, 2020!


The global health crisis resulting from the outbreak of Covid-19 gave us important insight into how quickly our natural environment can heal when given a much-needed break from harmful emissions. As cities stood still, as well as everyone inhabiting them, our pollution levels dropped, and air quality improved in a manner unprecedented. This stillness showed us what we could have predicted but never thought we would witness in terms of a green recovery. However, our societies will not remain static so, as we start to move forward, we must strive for zero emission mobility.  


The last decade has witnessed a mighty growth of EV adoption, with 2019 culminating with an all-time high of 2.1 million EV sales globally. This record number of new EV adopters paints a bright picture for the future mainstreaming of electric transport, as we see more and more drivers implementing the goal of lowering their carbon footprint into their everyday life. These numbers show that although traditional transport currently accounts for over 25% of Europe’s emissions, the growing number of clean vehicles on our roads will greatly contribute towards achieving, and hopefully exceeding, our climate goals under the Paris Agreement.  


As the world of e-mobility develops in leaps and strides, EVA Global is proud to be a founding partner of the day that celebrates progress for the future of sustainable transport and the strive for climate neutrality.  


Our narrative at EVA is to place the driver at the forefront of the development in e-mobility, taking their experiences and feedback as the backbone of what needs to be delivered in the market. We believe that the promises held by e-mobility can only be achieved by ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of the consumer with every aspect of e-mobility infrastructure. Through our services, we ensure drivers are guided by positive experiences with their EV’s and charging infrastructure, from start to finish. Through these experiences we are continuously learning about challenges faced along the road. This is a powerful tool for improving on systems and processes and ultimately instilling trust in the electrification of transport. The feat of e-mobility is not simply adapting to a system but creating a new one focused on the need and experience of the driver; as confidence in e-mobility grows, so too will its momentum.    


Our 24/7 EV charging managed services are provided to MSPs and CPOs across Europe, which allows EVA to hold a privileged position in the industry by being the first point of contact for EV drivers. Our specialists are ready to answer any question an EV driver (or potential EV driver) may have regarding their vehicles; charging infrastructure, processes, times and pricing; as well as assist in troubleshooting any challenge the driver may have at a station. Our Never Stranded pledge to our clients and drivers is premised on finding a solution for every challenge encountered by a driver.  


EVA currently serves 30,000 charge points and assists over 10,000 drivers every month in 19 countries around Europe. Our end-to-end infrastructure management, monitoring, service desk and support services promises to protect the need of the consumer and ensure optimum uptime of the infraestructure they rely on.  


EVA’s multilingual team, which we have had the pleasure to see grow considerably over the last two months, looks forward to celebrate World EV Day this 9th September, to revere what has been achieved in the world of sustainable mobility as well as enjoy excitement for what the future holds in the electrification of our transport systems.  

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