Electric Vans – Moving Towards Sustainable Transportation

September, 2020 / Blog

During the worldwide pandemic, people are delivering products online more than ever. The question arises: How harmful can the growth of online deliveries be for the climate? You may know, that the transport sector largely including that produced through deliveries by online retailers are one of the major source of carbon emissions. At EVA, we are more than ready for the electrification of transportation look forward to support drivers with their Electric Vans!

The market of electric vans has constantly grown in 2020, and it is great to see various new models coming from EV manufacturers. One of the latest is fully electric Fiat E-Ducato Van, with great range from 120 to 192 miles in urban conditions and price below £50k. We can see how new regulations in many cities have encouraged not only citizens to buy an EV but also businesses, many of which have started to focumore on the acquisition of zero-emission vehicles. However, some concerns remain which slow down the decisions of companies for choosing EVs for transportation. For example, one reason hindering the adoption of electric vans is the range. Drivers don’t want to worry about running out the charge during deliveries. Also, drivers of electric vans rely much more on fast public chargers than private ones because not every company is able to build their own charging points where they can charge overnight. 


In the coming years, more and more cities are focusing on low-emission zones which forces companies to think again of switching their vehicles to electrical ones, especially in urban areas. Recently, the retail giant Amazon announced they will buy 1,800 electric delivery vans from Mercedez-Benz. It is great to hear that such large companies are committed to lowering carbon emissions and showing the way towards electrification of vans.


Hopefully, soon even more businesses will begin to commit to greener future and choose an electric van instead of an ICEWe are excited to be part of zero-emission economy together with EV drivers by providing managed services in eMobility and never leaving drivers stranded.

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