Making The “New-Normal” Electric

September, 2020 / Blog

The virtual event on Monday 21st with Automotive EV gathered speakers from across the public and private sectors to discuss the future of our cities, driven by forces of innovative technologies and the electrification of our transport systems.  


CEO of EVA Global, Donald Hopper, delved into the discussion remembering lessons taught by the pandemic. Pollution levels around the world saw a great decline leading to an improvement in air quality that could scarcely have been predicted. But important questions remain:  


How long will this last, and how can we make this the “new normal”? Once freedom of movement has been regained, will we see road transport pollution rise to previous levels or possibly beyond those seen prior to the pandemic? You may think that the impulse we have to traverse international borders again will lead to more movement in combustion engine vehicles, and an overall spike in road and air traffic in a bid to “make up for lost time”. When really, how much time have we gained by improving our air quality and allowing our natural environment a much-needed break from pollutants?


Amidst the devastation caused by the pandemic, we have opportunity. An opportunity to reverse old habits darkening our carbon footprint. An opportunity to choose greener, more sustainable options moving forward. Lockdown has proven the power of “playing my part” as the result sums up a whole community impact. Suddenly, seeing and acting on the “my” makes the “we” a collective effort for change.  


Donald Hopper explained how concerns surrounding e-mobility, particularly “range anxiety”, mostly lies at the pre-adoption phase as misinformation stops many from adopting an EV. A good EV experience can make an EV adopter, which is what EVA Global was created for.  


The process of taking on an EV can be made simple. Having easy access to knowledge and support before purchase, and knowing it is accessible 24/7 thereafter is a “game changer” for increasing confidence in this new technology and enjoying all the benefits it has to offer.  The growing number of EV’s on the market with high range at affordable prices means mass transition to EV’s relies on positive experience. E-mobility services must be available, easy to use and fast.


Through the services provided by us at EVA Global, we see that approximately 30% of the driver’s we assist have a payment related question. The charging process is also continuously compared to refueling an ICE. It must be said that there are too many differing payment methods and pricing models within the industry, leading to a lack of transparency that causes confusion for the user. Achieving confidence in EV’s means striving for reliability, interoperability, clear and transparent pricing.


"Making the e-mobility new normal"

Making e-mobility the “new normal” requires forward-thinking ambitions and change from all sides. The industry is tasked with producing fast solutions for charging and executing exceptional customer care for its users. This must be coupled with green public policies and legislation promulgating carbon neutrality.   


As the European Commission promises over 200 billion euros towards achieving the Green Deal ambitions as part of the EU Recovery Fund, we also see member states imposing new legislation. Germany will enforce all traditional petrol stations to install charging stations on the premises, as well as allocate a healthy budget to support the roll out of charging infrastructure in big cities and rural areas. Similar green policies have been promised by states around the EU, although some more ambitious than others. The UK has also pledged 1 billion pounds to support the launch of super-fast charging networks, as well as a less promisingcommitment to consulton prohibiting the sale of combustion engine vehicles by 2035 or before. But together with purchasing incentives these policies bring the future of electric transport closer and get us all talking even more about “going electric”!   


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