What is superior customer experience in 2021?

January, 2021 / Blog

In 2021 a customer using your services must be able to access help whenever they need, through whichever channel best suits them, and in the language they choose to communicate in.


Now more than ever, attaining and maintaining customer loyalty is dependent on being available at all timesConvenience has become the new normal, but it is particularly important in the world of e-mobility. EV drivers depend on charging services around the clock; and anything stopping them from charging their vehicle is stopping them from reaching their destination.  That is why 24/7 access to support for charging an EV must be made easy and immediately accessible. The simple solution is picking up the phone, which is then quickly answered by a friendly expert there to walk you through any challenge you are facing. But alongside a telephone call other channels are rising in popularity, most importantly, social media.


The importance of social media customer care reflects the increased use of social media platforms, and customers who are more eager to engage and contact companies through these channels. In 2020, the global number of social media users was 3,6 billion and the amount is projected tgrow to 4,41 billion by 2025.  On average, people are spending 144 minutes per day on social media. Also, according to recent statistics, 59% of customers globally have a more favourable view of brands who respond to customer service questions and complaints on social media. These numbers show how important it is to be active and available on the same channels as your customers.


Building an omnichannel customer experience means providing superior customer care for every single customer, no matter the channel they choose. Customers want to be heard, and every customer’s interaction is an opportunity to impress them. Particularly in the event of a complaint, handling it delicately is key for turning their opinion around and leaving a good impression. Most often, it is the best moment to demonstrate how much you value your clientele, thereby increasing their support and loyalty to your brand and services.

It is also crucial to prioritise your brand’s presence on social media and follow the conversation amongst your customers on all different channels. There can be many open online conversations involving your brand floating around social media that are not directed to your ‘feed’, which may lead to overlooking some useful customer insights on your services. Following these conversations will help you better understand your customers today, as well as what they would like to see tomorrow.


At EVA we are proud to launch our new social media service EVA Webcare!

EVA Webcare is social media customercare-service designed for Charge Point Operators and Network Providers offering support for customers on a full-range of channels and in multiple languages. It is a complete social media customer experience management solution including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, as well as Google Reviews and mapping services such as Chargemap and Zapmap. At  EVA, we guarantee the best customer experience for every EV driver, no matter the channel they choose to get in touch!  



So, why should you provide social media customer solutions together with your charging service? 

  • Offers your customers more options and the freedom to choose what best suits them! 
  • Helps build long-term customer relationships and trust in your brand & services
  • Contributes to understanding different customer situations and caters to their needs & circumstances
  • Captures company learnings about your customer’s experience and expectation providing valuable insight 
  • Improves your online brand presence and interaction

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