Pedal to the metal: Why electrifying our European fleets is urgent?

February, 2021 / Blog
This week’s eVision two-day event shared surprising as well as promising facts on fleet adoption of EVs. Whilst we can be excited by the number of EVs sold in Europe (and globally) last year, we see that individual consumer purchases far outnumbered those of fleetsThe latter accounted for 100.000 EV sales, which is far fewer than we want and need to see as fleets reflect approximately 63 million vehicles on European roads. Although this may only be 20% of the total number of vehicles, they drive 40% of the total kilometers and make up half of Europe’s transport emissions.  



From over half a million EVs and PHEVs sold in Europe in 2020, 100,000 of these were fleets.

By 2030, around 10 million new fleet owned vehicles are expected in Europe. This is why, supporting the electrification of fleets as a top priority has such great potential. This prioritization will not only be rewarded by a high impact reduction of the EU’s 25% transport emission levelswhich in turn means drastically improving our community’s air quality and health. But electrifying fleets also holds a very strong commercial business case and one that we cannot afford to overlookNevertheless, it is only fair that before promoting the range of benefits enjoyed by switching to an electric fleetwe must first address the reasonable concerns held by businesses and their employees, alike.



Supporting fleet drivers, 24/7

For businesses delivering goods and services by fleet, its simple: keeping the transit from depot to depot efficient and timely is essential. And as a driver daily work also relies on the vehicle performing perfectly and comfortablyMaking the switch from an ICE to an EV may feel like an unwelcomed change, but EVA Global exists to make this transition smooth and enjoyable by supporting drivers 24/7 across Europe 


Understanding an EV and its charging process does not have to mean scrolling through a 60-page manual or learning through trial and error. None of us have time for that, particularly during working hours. And why do so when having a friendly EVA EV expert at hand, on all prominent communication platforms, at all times?  



EVA provides peace of mind and builds trust.

As all, the relationship between driver and EV relies on trust. And that is built by the comfort of knowing all there is to know about this new, exciting, and clean vehicle, and the technology around it. Naturally, range anxiety in fleet drivers, who’s work relies on the efficiency of their vehicles at all times, is understandable. But this is why EVA’s services work around the clock, just as fleet drivers do, and ensures 24/7 access to expert assistance for a seamless charging experience.




So, what are a few of the most valuable points to be considered by fleet owners for electrifying?

Well, not least that EVs offer a smoother driving experience, have a longer life cycle than internal combustion engine vehicles, are cheaper to run and require considerably less maintenance and repair work. But with the (ever growing) EV charging network available, fleet owners have the benefit of long-term route planning that adapts to the business requirements. And this planning is yet another aspect which the EVA team is ready and very happy to assist you with. Although initial costs of going electric may be higher, these should be offset through current green grants and incentivesAnd there is no doubt the EV’s long-term saving is considerable, and a future-proof choice compared to the ICE. 




As green, emission-free zones are popping up across major European cities. Accessing these areas will mean adopting clean vehicles.

New EU legislation has increased emission reduction targets, and with this the tax rates associated with polluting vehicles. We can see that the internal combustion engine’s days are numbered, and EVs prove to be not only a better, but safer investment for future-proofing business.  Particularly as it is not only increased tax and fines related to high emission vehicles; a growing number of big cities around the world are also creating green, zero-emission areas, which will mean accessing these areas will require zero-emission vehicles. For a large majority of fleet operations there is no doubt this is essential. And so, keeping ahead of these developments means there is no time to waste in going electric and taking advantage of the financial incentives available for making this switch.  


Finally, intensifying the trend to decarbonizing our transport systems strongly needs the support of fleets. This, in turn, requires consistent regulation across Europe for electrifying our transport systems and investing in the fast roll-out of public charging networks to support this growth. We are confident the trend is headed in the right direction and through strong partnerships and collaborations the future of transport will be a green one. 


Would like to get in touch with EVA about our services? Please do, contact us here! 

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