EVA Global Board Member Reed Snyder Is Just Getting Started: "Let’s move the solution ahead of the problem"

September, 2022 / News

We are pleased to introduce Reed Snyder, who joined as a EVA Global Board of Director member earlier last year. We recently caught up with Reed at an eMobility event in Oslo, where he shared his thoughts in this video interview on EVA Globals' foundational values, the eMobility landscape, and growth in live infrastructure monitoring as we continue our mission in sustainable transport. 


Reed is an experienced corporate leader who brings expertise to our organization via his extensive understanding of organizations that concentrate on missions with sustainable and social effects.  


Reed is a Principal at Verdane, focusing on investing in high-growth companies in the energy transition and mobility sectors. His expertise includes high-impact businesses such as EVA Global, where management and investors prioritize making positive environmental and social impact a core objective, alongside business growth and profitability. In addition to his Board role at EVA Global, Reed sits on the Board at EasyPark and Cleanwatts. Before joining Verdane, Reed worked in Private Equity and Venture Capital at Goldman Sachs and Activant Capital in New York City.  


Reed enjoys endurance athletics in his free time, competing in marathons and triathlons. He is also a proud dog parent to Oslo, a 40kg Weimaraner.  


Watch the full interview with Reed below! 




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