EVA Global named among the top 10 most promising startups

February, 2022 / Blog

Last week, the leading Finnish weekly financial and business magazine, Talouselämä, featured EVA Global prominently as a company to have your eyes on. In its annual listing, Talouselämä put special focus on scalability and capabilities for international expansion, as well as the team’s know-how, diversity and sustainability. 


"The rescuer of the EV driver"

We were proud to see the interview of our founders Dr. Niina Suuriniemi Hopper and Donald Hopper, the story of EVA Global, presented in three pages which was the biggest showcase of the weekly magazine.  

The article covers the story of the company thus far, and paints the picture of EVA Global as the company that brings trust in using electric vehicles, reducing both range and charge anxiety - a role we are proud to represent in the shift to sustainable mobility.  


A long way in a short time 

In four years, we have grown to cover a network of 300,000 charging points serving 1.8 million EV drivers in 32 countries and in 27 languages... and counting. This all began when the family of Niina and Donald, with two small children were looking for a sustainable way of transportation, trying EVs, exploring carsharing solutions, and quickly discovering the pains of an early adopter. Our founders realised they were not alone in the jungle of new technology, with different charging standards, and EV mobile apps, just planning a trip was a hassle. There was a clear need on the market for someone to represent the voice of the driver.  First-hand experience as a typical EV driver, was the inspiration of the company.  


The business started in Great Britain, with the two founders manning the phone in turns. There was a pivotal point for EVA Global, when they received a call from a mother with hungry children in the backseat. “We realised we are on to something. Putting new technology to use needs trust from users, and that is exactly what we are here for.” Donald Hopper recalling the original conversation.


Since the beginning, service has scaled exponentially, but the mission remains the same. Guided by our "Never Stranded” philosophy, our EV experts help drivers on three continents, on the phone, on chats, on social media and on routing apps. For example, booting the charger, or opening the lock remotely does the trick in many cases.


Coming up next… 

The next logical step is to assure that charging infrastructure is maintained and serviced in the most efficient way. EVA Global has developed a proprietary tool with its own integrations that allows us to monitor the charging infrastructure and restore the functionality of a charging point before a driver even notices the problem and calls for help. The ideal situation is that no call is needed. Predictive charge point maintenance and repair is the future of the field, and thus a focus point for EVA Global. The significant investments in charging infrastructure pay back the most when uptime is maximised and drivers trust they are getting their EVs charged at any point – and any time.


As adoption rate of EVs continues to grow, charge point operators and mobility service providers have their hands full with their core businesses. EVA Global ensures the whole value chain is working, and serves as the glue between different players.  


This would not be possible without our global reach and company wide passion to accelerate the shift towards zero emission mobility. EVA Global is currently opening its next centers in Malaysia, Germany and the U.S., all staffed with a dedicated group of professionals who know EVs and their charging inside and out.

You can find the original article (in Finnish, behind a paywall) here.

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