EVA Global Announces Expansion With New Contact Center in Lisbon, Portugal

June, 2022 / News

Lisbon, Portugal, June 9, 2022 - EVA Global today announced the official launch of its newest contact support center, based in Lisbon, Portugal. The latest facility expansion comes on the heels of EVA Global's recent investment announced earlier this year with Verdane. Additionally, the company is underlining its commitment to expand technical contact service infrastructure and continue its vision to serve customers globally.


The core of the new Portugal contact center services will focus on EV driver support EVA Assists and Assures, where EVA Global's specialized technical EV support team will be dedicated to solving customer issues at charge points, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for partners and EV drivers across Europe. 


"After observing the rapid growth and evolution of the EV sector, EVA Global decided that now was the right time to further invest and expand our services in Europe to best respond to EV industry needs." Said Thomas Holtermann, EVA Global, Chief Operating Officer.


The timing of the Lisbon support center launch comes as EVs continue gaining significant market share, and European governments further invest and encourage the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Across Europe, the number of new plug-in vehicle registrations continues to rise, reaching as high as 30%-40% in the coming years for many EU countries.


EVA Globals' investment in its contact center in Portugal is part of a strategic push to support the growing demand for eMobility services and meet the needs of its customers globally. The new Lisbon facility will initially set up to carry out serving customers such as Allego, IONITY, and Freshmile, based in Europe.


As the contact center begins operations, it will have the ability to expand upto a capacity of 250 employees, and comprises a 1,000 square meter service area located in the heart of Lisbon, in the Rua Alexandre Herculano district.


Moreover, EVA Global will also start hosting the EVA Assures data center in Porto, Portugal, which will provide monitoring of charging infrastructure, network optimization, and enhance network capabilities, enabling improved monitoring, and increasing efficiency and uptime for customers. 


"EVA Global's service EVA Assures will include key areas of support for customers, including infrastructure monitoring operations, and customer experience support, to better understand and have more intelligent interactions with customers, providing frictionless experiences through any communications with EV drivers," Said Emmanuel Moreira, Assures Director, EVA Global.  


This latest expansion comes on the heels of strong growth for the company; the new investment will include the implementation of new contact center technologies.EVA Assists Helpdesk is a contact center solution designed and built to enable agents to support EV drivers as fast and efficiently as possible. On the technology side and behind the scenes, EVA Globals monitoring tools use custom-made EV charging specific tools that drive automation and machine learning to monitor large networks of charging stations efficiently. EVA Global's platform is state-of-the-art: serverless, cloud-based, focusing on security, scalability, and privacy.




About EVA Global 

EVA Global is the leading managed services provider in eMobility. We offer an integrated and innovative technology platform which can connect to 17 different Charge Point Management Systems and allows us to operate charging infrastructure, troubleshoot virtually any type and make of charging equipment, provide superior customer experience and manage the service and maintenance of your install base.


EVA Global has its HQ in Finland and operations in Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands and Malaysia. Our clients include a wide range of companies located across Europe, Asia and the United States. EVA currently solves more than 100,000 EV driver cases a month, and our team of multilingual EV Specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our mission is to create trust between developing technology in eMobility and its adopters by providing superior customer experience and accelerate the transition to cleaner energy.


More info: www.evaglobal.com

For more information, reach out to EVA Global directly at, media@eva.global.

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