Women In EVA Global: A Catalyst for Getting Things Done

April, 2022 / Blog

Our new Women In EVA Global blog series is a dynamic series where we provide a spotlight into the women working within the company, and explore their thoughts on the eMobility sector. As we embrace diversity and an ever-changing workplace, we ask the women here at EVA Global, what inspires and drives them to work in a technology company within the EV industry.


We had a chance to sit down with EVA Global’s first employee, Alexandra Bentley, who leads the customer success teamKnown as employee “number one” when joining EVA Global back in 2018, she became the very first customer support agent. In just a few short years, as the team grew, she displayed true entrepreneurial spirit, and a true catalyst of getting things done, all for positive change.

What inspired you to join EVA Global?  

When I first met the founders, Niina and Donald in 2018, I saw such great passion in their mission to create the most relevant company within eMobility, their vision revolved 100% around the Voice of the Driver andImage[98] putting them first. It really was an opportunity I couldn't miss out on, 4 years down the line, I have never looked back. I had been given the chance to be part of an incredibly exciting journey in making EVA Global an indispensable global player in the e-mobility sector.  In this EV industry, you are constantly learning, evolving, and working towards a greener future, it is important we live up to this mission to create the best future for the generations to come.


How do you go about solving difficult work challenges? 

Being part of EVA Global through the startup phase, to the growth phase, to the expansion phase has given me many opportunities to explore and develop in. The industry itself is growing rapidly and we need to be able to keep up with this dynamic environment by innovating and collaborating together. Each phase has brought new expectations and obstacles to overcome. The important thing is to always stay focused, have trust in the process, and last but not least, remember that each challenge is an opportunity to learn something new.  

During this time I have been fortunate enough to expand my team to 4 Customer Success EXPERTS, all specialised in their own specific markets . I believe the idiom, the strength of our team, is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. 


What is leadership in the workplace to you? 

In a traditionally male-dominated industry like eMobility, it can sometimes be difficult to prove your worth and experience; having a female CEO to lead the way has been hugely empowering for me personally. I am very proud to lead a team that represents 80% female Customer Success Executives, together we are building trust in our partners within the industry every single day.  

I've read a recent study that shows that having women in leadership roles can help organisations forge a deeper connection with their customers, inspire other female employees,  boost employee engagement, higher financial performance, and more innovation. As a female leader I believe it is very important we overcome bias and stereotypical barriers in the workplace, we must be the example of the change we want to see.  

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