Women In EVA Global: Excellence Is Infinite

July, 2022 / Blog

Our Women in EVA Global series continues this month as we share insight and experiences from the female leadership inside EVA Global. With a drive to understand professional inspiration and motivation as we build a more inclusive world as we shape our workplace. In this Q&A, we explored the theme of overcoming challenges and workplace ethics. 


Today we introduce our UK Team Leader, Marisha Sparks. Originally from the United Kingdom, Marisha first moved to Spain 10 years ago to work in the culinary world. From her early experiences of witnessing poor customer support one time after another and realizing her affinity for being a people person, as well as seeing growth and opportunity in the electric vehicle world, the decision was only natural to blend the best of both worlds. 

What inspired you to join EVA Global, its mission, culture, or something else?  


Like most people, I have a genuine interest to contribute towards a greener and more sustainable planet, when combined with the outstanding level of customer service provided by EVA, it was an enticing position, which I was extremely fortunate to get. Shortly after joining, I was promoted to the UK Team Leader position and haveMarisha  copy just passed my year anniversary in the role, and I have been just as happy today as I was a year ago! On the work side, we need to focus on quality, and efficiency, to ensure we always put the driver at the heart of the interaction, finding a resolution and endeavouring to improve. 


What are common challenges you have experienced that teams facein today's workplace environment, and what are ways to overcome them? 


For me, the biggest challenge is - I would like to and believe in - team cohesion and everyone being happy all the time, however as we know, cohesion is not always possible. But by knowing my team, their interests, and hobbies, I can help them with flexibility, encouraging their growth in a project or new role that suits their abilities and passion.   


I gain great satisfaction from building a team, being part of the agent's journey and development, and coming together through turbulent times. Building a team takes time, effort, and a lot of patience, and when that is combined with like-minded people, the team is a force to be reckoned with and could weather any storm! 


Have you experienced a common thread in leadership qualities from your previous experiences, which translate into EVA Global? 


Previously, I was a fully qualified chef for over a decade. This is where I believe I acquired my leadership and organizational skills, which have been invaluable in my role as a team leader. It has helped me understand people, how to get the best from them, and how to drive them positively towards success. Transferring these skills into EVA has given me the tools to develop the team into a cooperative, supportive, and well-functioning machine. I couldn't be prouder of all they have faced and the challenges our team has overcome. 


A critical trait of a good business leader is a strong work ethic. From personal experiences and observations, how can work ethic be improved from a team perspective? 


With this, we have proven to have an incredible work ethic; it's essential that 'no one is rowing in the wrong direction,' as we say, and this comes from an example by leadership. The bar is set high with me for work ethics and quality, but this means the team is given the opportunity to grow and improve all the time. Striving to be the best in what they do and that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is what keeps the work ethics strong. Excellence is infinite, it has no bounds and is the result of hard work, dedication, and willingness to continually learn. 


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