Women In EVA Global: Whoever Understands the Customer Best, Wins

May, 2022 / Blog

Our Women In EVA Global series continues this week as we shine a spotlight on the female leadership inside the company and better understand what inspires our colleagues through their professional journey and build a more inclusive world that helps shape our workplace. This week, we explored the theme of career & industry change. 


Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, this week's Women in EVA Global Q & A blog piece introduces Renata Sampaio, our Academy Trainer. Having also previously lived in Dublin, Ireland, and Los Angeles, California, Renata has been no stranger to implementing change and seizing opportunity, very often by leaving her comfort zone. In this sit-down, we chatted about what inspired her decision to make a career change by jumping into the EV industry.   

You didn't immediately begin your career in the EV industry, can you share your thoughts behind making a change from one career to another?

After two years of being here in Europe, living the pandemic life through Covid 19, I decided that I would love to start something new that would bring inclusion into what's most affecting the worldb99bdf44-93c9-4b41-b2eb-bef38db4689c copy today. So rather than think what company is the most interesting, I thought about which company makes a difference and responds to the industry, especially when comparing customer service-orientated companies when considering innovations and unique solutions. That's when I came across EVA Global.  

It's been a year since I joined the team as a CX Specialist, and soon enough, I transitioned to our Academy, where I had the opportunity to apply for the opening, working on two of the things I love the most, to create & teach.  


Many simply believe in finding a company with a good culture fit, an innovative environment, and the ability for upward mobility; what do you think are the essential elements?   

For me it's about having the ability to grow and impact people's lives through supporting sustainability goals, and that we are participating in building this industry as it evolves and rapidly grows. I've found, EVA offers ways to contribute and expand with creativity, from mentoring and encouraging growth, much like the blooming industry itself.  

This alone was an exciting reason to join EVA Global, with the amazing creative minds I have met on the team. As I previously came from a culinary background, which is already a very challenging industry for women - and where leaders were also women, facing challenges of being heard by all - made me believe that we are reaching equality everywhere we go. As we prove our ability and talent in technical jobs every day, it's encouraging that the EV world sees more women being welcomed.  


Being part of EVA Global, where the CEO is a woman and a large percentage of leadership in the other departments are women, makes it even more inspiring for me to stick around in this growth adventure. I'm proud to say what I'm part of today, is changing and impacting the eMobility world with all we have to give.  


Jumping into a new industry, what is the most significant challenge you observe that companies need to understand, and how can we overcome these challenges from your experiences?   

First, I believe there needs to be a better understanding of the customer's perspective. Detaching yourself from the technical or mechanical problems at hand, and connect with the customers at a human level, to understand that sometimes EV consumers' frustration with new technology is real. Only with their voice can we overcome challenges and find a solution. It's how you find a solution at a human level, from their inspiration behind supporting green initiatives and wanting to contribute to a blossoming movement and a change for the positive. We can only solve the problems by listening to the customer, giving them a voice, and putting them in the center of this movement, - then we can truly make a difference.

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