Zap-Map and EVA Global: 1 year as Partners in Customer Experience!

November, 2021 / News

Finland, 2nd November 2021. Zap-Map, the UK’s Leading Electric Vehicle Mapping Service and EVA Global, the Leading Customer Solutions Provider exclusive to eMobility are celebrating their first year of partnership for providing 24/7 customer support for Zap-Map’s EV charging payment service Zap-Pay.


Zap-Pay enables EV drivers to use one app to pay for charging across different networks across the UK. The first network available on Zap-Pay was Osprey’s UK wide rapid charging network. Zap-Pay has since signed up 6 more networks – ESB Energy,, GeniePoint, Revive, MFG and Mer – comprising over 2,000 charge points across the UK from the fastest ultra-rapid chargers right through to lamppost chargers. More charge point operators (CPOs) are set to join the Zap-Pay network in order to make their networks more accessible to Zap-Map’s EV driver community. EVA Global provides specialised customer support for EV drivers with their Zap-Pay payments which now also includes ESB as another network partner.


“We launched Zap-Pay in response to our EV driver community telling us they wanted a simple solution to the issue of needing multiple payment methods on the different EV charging networks across the UK. The feedback we have received on Zap-Pay has been extremely positive but a product is only as good as the service and support around it. EVA Global is a key partner for us in providing that service and support for both our Zap-Pay users and our CPO partners. As the Zap-Pay network continues to grow, the transition to EVs continues to gather pace and we continue to expand the business, it is essential that we work with partners who are able to scale with us. With its experience, size and global reach, EVA Global is an ideal partner for Zap-Map as we continue to accelerate the move towards zero emission mobility.” - Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zap-Map. 


Donald Hopper, CEO at EVA Global says: “We’re proud to be working together with the team at Zap-Map to deliver an outstanding, complete and satisfying charging experience. Through this partnership, both companies will be able to build a joint understanding of what the EV driver wants and so drive continuous customer-centric innovation. The result: a supercharged learning cycle that will allow us to deliver on our promise to make driving an EV what it should have always been – intrinsically simple.”


About Zap-Map

Zap-Map was launched in June 2014, with a mission to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles (EV) as the UK’s leading mapping service. The charging point map, available on desktop and iOS/Android apps, helps EV drivers to locate available charge points, plan longer journeys and share updates for the benefit of the EV community. Zap-Map displays over 95% of the UK’s public charge points, of which around 70% show live status data updated every five minutes. In the UK, Zap-Map attracts more than 120,000 users per month.

To view more details on Zap-Pay including a video, FAQs and rollout plan visit ZAP-PAY.


About EVA Global

EVA Global is a leading EV Customer Solution Provider that is headquartered in Finland with locations in Spain and the Netherlands. Guided by our Never Stranded Philosophy since our foundation in 2017, EVA is fully dedicated to eMobility and provides end-to-end operational solutions to our eMobility partners. These technical and specialised services include 24/7 hotline services in more than 24 languages, EV network management through active monitoring and maintenance, Webcare services and much more.


Our partners include a wide range of eMobility actors that are located across Europe, Asia and the United States. EVA currently assists more than 100,000 EV driver cases a month and our team of multilingual EV Specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year.


To contact a member of the EVA team directly, please reach out to

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