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EVA Global helps organizations assist their customers, assure network uptime and availability and optimize their maintenance process.

EV Driver Support

EVA Assists provides 24/7 access to our specialized technical EV support team committed to solving customer issues at the charge point and beyond. Your customers will be able to reach you on any channel of their choice in more than 24 languages. .


eMobility Apps/Maps and Social Media

EVA Webcare offers round the clock customer support and advice in more than 24 languages, including choosing and using the right authentication methods, and monitoring our client’s online presence on major social media channels and emobility maps.


Infrastructure Management

EVA Assures maximizes charger uptime and availability by streamlining operations and monitoring the status of your infrastructure full-time. Acting from an immediate automated alarm, our team is ready to troubleshoot any charger malfunction and when necessary, escalate a workorder for onsite resolution.


Voice of the Driver

EVA Analytics, a data-driven customer engagement model that is based on knowledge capital and insights from curated data sets collected across a combined network serving more than 1.75M EV drivers. This serves to help you deploy and scale charging services, standardize and gain time-to-market as well as leverage information and resources across our ecosystem.


The EVA Academy offers in-depth EV educational programmes covering all areas of emobility expertise and nuances.

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