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EVA Global offers a unique combination that both maximizes customer satisfaction and ensures revenue for any organization in the EV charging value chain. With EVA Assures overseeing your network uptime through remote monitoring and management capabilities, and EVA Assists attending to your end-customers at the charging point and beyond, you can offer a service that truly provides a competitive advantage.


Reliability. Availability. Accessibility.


As an end-user-focused service, EVA Assists supports drivers in their moments of need. The service is managed by our EV-specialized experts and supported by a continually evolving knowledge base covering every aspect of the charging session. We not only enhance your handling time but also boost customer loyalty by fostering a positive relationship between your brand and end-users.


Our network monitoring and remote management service, EVA Assures, enhances the customer experience by ensuring the continuous uptime of your charger infrastructure. With a technical platform integrated into your systems and operated by our support engineers, our service combines automation with insight. Supported by the broadest experience in the market, real-time monitoring provides visibility into the state of your network, enabling predictive maintenance and achieving an unparalleled first-time fix rate.

Covering the two crucial aspects of EV charging, our EV managed service package makes it easy for both those running the chargers and those charging their vehicles— ensuring your customer loyalty and revenue.

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End-User Support at the Charge Point and Beyond

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Charging Network Monitoring and Management

Enabling players in key segments to accelerate profitability and scale, leading to a transformative impact on the industry.

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