EVA Ambassadors: Delivering an Exceptional Charge Experience 

September, 2022 / Blog

Over this summer, EVA Global has been extremely proud to collaborate closely with our partner IONITY by taking EVA Ambassadors' on-site service to the next level. While the quest to alleviate the growing charging demands such as charge point bottlenecks or charge times continues, operators understand that the path for a better charge experience is to engage with EV drivers and ensure they are heard, listened to. 


This July and August, EVA Global charge experts known as our EVA Ambassadors, have been stationed at over 30 IONITY charge sites in 8 countries across Europe, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, and Belgium, helping EV drivers and gathering valuable customer experience insights.  

As EV vehicle sales continue to increase globally and a surge of new drivers take to the road during holiday periods, many new EV drivers face questions or confusion at charge points, for example; instructions on charger are not always clear, NFC or payment options, mobile app activations, even the weight of a charge cable is a customer issue. 


“With our EVA Ambassadors onsite service, we can gather more insight on the voice of the driver, so charge operators can then implement and enhance the overall charging experience.” Said Alexandra Bentley, Customer Success Director, when sharing the thoughts and interactions of EV drivers from this summer. “We know that being available for customers and collecting feedback, whether it is a new first time charge experience, or a seasoned EV veteran, and listening to the customers is what sets you apart from the others.”  




Onsite Customer Service: What EV Drivers Are Looking For 

Ambassadors2As the summer program began, the goal of EVA Ambassadors was to zero in on a personalized onsite customer service approach for EV drivers, by sending our EV charge experts to numerous IONITY charge points and ask drivers how their overall charge experience could be enhanced. 


It’s with added onsite engagement and interaction where true understanding of EV drivers' experience can turn into future actions and improved CX strategies. 


By gathering a better understanding of how EV drivers go through their charge we can better anticipate, predict, and plan for the future to improve EV experiences, and the overall charging development in the world of eMobility."  Said Michael Loos, Project Manager at EVA Global, when summarizing the Ambassador initiative this summer.  


As drivers continue to enjoy the benefits of rapid DC charging, they can also appreciate the availability of 24/7 phone assistance should there not be an onsite Ambassador or agent available. With feedback from EV drivers at charge points having been insightful and some cases even moving, the ability to make a positive impact in the daily lives of EV drivers occurs when EV drivers are listened too. 





Here To Assist, Wherever & Whenever You Need 

While public charger operability and maintenance are a key area of service focus for operators, it’s the first line of customer charging experience, with bottlenecks, app confusion, and payment choices, that make charging more complicated than it needs to be. 


In addition to the EVA Global’s onsite service, EVA's first line of service, EVA Assists, is currently composed of a team of over 250 EV experts who now assist EV drivers across 32 countries, 24/7 all 365 days of the year, across all major channels. By providing a diverse offering in contact methods, a better user experience and trust is secured.  


EVA Assists is the core service in allowing the EV charging experience to be the best it can be - one driver at a time - by providing round-the-clock support on the channel that best suits the driver, whether through telephone or social media via our Webcare service. This flexibility of choice in communication channels allows for a driver's personal needs, circumstances, and preferences - resulting in open access to information & support at all times. 


In addition, EVA Global also offers Assures service, which optimizes charger and network availability by monitoring EV chargers, providing preventative maintenance checks, assuring improved uptime, leading to customer loyalty. 



Want to learn how EVA Global can help you with your customer service needs at the charge point and beyond? Just click here, and let's get started. 


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