New Service, EVA Ambassadors: Optimising the electric vehicle charging experience

July, 2022 / News

Earlier this spring, our team of EVA Global experts spent three days on location at charge stations in the UK, where we had the opportunity to assist EV drivers face to face, and gather valuable insight about their overall charging experience.  


As both new and veteran drivers can attest, the charging experience of an electric vehicle at public stations can occasionally be challenging. Moreover, with electric vehicle sales likely to more than double across the EU by 2025 and a surge of new drivers taking to the road, many drivers will face a steep learning curve with charge point quirks, from the availability of charging stations, how to start a charge session, idenfifying different types of chargers and various payment options. 


Ambassadors' Mission: To Serve, Support and Help 


So, the EVA Global team is here to help face these new challenges. As the mission to alleviate charge pointconcerns of EV drivers continues, our experts known inside the company as EVA Ambassadors  are expanding our EVA Assists service with our new charge experience program initiative. We are taking our services even closer to the EV drivers by sending our agents to charge points to enhance the charging exp

erience and gather an even more in-depth understanding of EV drivers’ everyday needs.   


"We find the 'Voice of the Driver' empowers us to better understand customers' needs and expectations during this historic surge in EV growth." Alexandra Bentley, Customer Success Director at EVA Global, said when talking about the high volume of EV drivers coming to charge stations. "Capturing this insight is crucial to deliver value and improve ease of use for customers and the overall development in eMobility." 

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Embracing the Voice of the Driver 


As in any business, understanding the customer's viewpoint is key to success, so feedback, service, and vision can be translated into a future insight roadmap and strategic necessity.  


"We noticed that customers were excited to give us feedback, we also noticed that they are satisfied with services and charging speed, and I would say a majority of the drivers are anticipating the expansion of infrastructure to keep up with the pace of the eMobility world." said Ginevra Foglia Balmet, Team Leader at EVA Global. "The driver always provides valuable suggestions, which is a big plus, and something that remote support over the phone wouldn't have been so easy to gather. The more we listened to them, the more they engaged in a conversation and were open to share their experiences. Being actively listened to and heard is something new that they hadn't experienced elsewhere."  


From starting a charge session, technical or RFID card activation, or even activating or downloading a mobile application to charge, the confusion can be daunting for those just coming on board into the EV world. However, they say a fresh pair of eyes can often see things beyond the obvious, and this is where a customer's viewpoint can genuinely make a difference as the charging experience evolves for all.  


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