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EV Charging Infrastructure Managed Services


The charger network is at the core of the EV charging value chain affecting every part of your business. Optimizing availability, accessibility and reliability ultimately means optimizing your business - Starting from monitoring, maintenance and assuring uptime, leading to customer loyalty and increased revenue.


With EVA Assures running on our own technical platform we can integrate virtually any charging system and aggregate all relevant network information enabling remote monitoring and operations, as well as managing preventative and predictive maintenance.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of key parameters and performance metrics for charger uptime and swift issue detection.

Diagnostics and Root Cause Analysis

Processing and analyzing hardware and software data to understand the core factors that affect operations.

Remote Commissioning & Testing

Support in setting up and activating chargers. Testing to ensure compliance with standards and regulation.

Work Order Management & Field Service Orchestration

Capability to organize and track maintenance and repair operations with improved first-time fix rate.

Read our white paper on the future of charger infrastructure management.


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