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Jane Hoffer, CEO EVA Global

EVA Global Announces Appointment of Veteran Entrepreneur and eMobility Specialist, Jane Hoffer, as CEO 

December, 2023 / Blog

EVA Global announced today the appointment of Jane Hoffer, a veteran entrepreneur with deep e-mobility expertise, as the new Chief Executive Officer. Hoffer brings extensive e-mobility and leadership...

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EVA Global Celebrates Six Years of Innovation and Sustainable Mobility 


November, 2023 / Blog

November marksa significant milestone in our journey with the sixth anniversary of EVA Global, a good occasion to reflect on the dynamic year we’ve had and the strides we’ve taken towards...

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Presenting OCPP Proxy by EVA Global 


October, 2023 / Blog

The Open Charge Point Protocol, or OCPP, plays a pivotal role in the world of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It's a vital link between charging stations and central management systems,...

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Efficient EV Charging Through Centralized Charger Monitoring and Control 


October, 2023 / Blog

In the rapidly evolving field of electric transportation, essential questions arise: How can uptime be guaranteed? How can we ensure an end-user experience that results to repeat visits? And how can...

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Enhancing EV Charging with Efficient Network Management Technologies 


July, 2023 / Blog

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained significant traction in everyday transportation, underscoring the need for efficient charging infrastructure to ensure a sustainable future. In this context, the...

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Electric Journey

An Electric Journey with Emanuel Moreira


April, 2023 / Blog

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more prevalent on the roads, the need for reliable and efficient charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. That is where EVA Global comes in, with...

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EV charging - EVA Global

EVA Global Making a Positive Impact 


March, 2023 / Blog

EVA Global was founded on the commitment to create a more sustainable and equitable future through our products and services, that build trust towards eMobility. We strive to make a positive impact...

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Women in EVA Global

Celebrating the Women of EVA Global: Excellence Knows No Gender


March, 2023 / Blog

On this International Women's Day, we want to highlight the contributions of our female team members and reaffirm our commitment to embracing equity in all aspects of our work, as well as reflecting ...

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EV Charging

How EV Charging is Impacting EV Drivers Everywhere: 5 Questions with Patrick Keller 


December, 2022 / Blog

We are excited to formally introduce our CTO, Patrick Keller, who joined EVA Global this year. Patrick’s passions include simulation and VR technology, any tech gadget and he has vast experience in...

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