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End-user support at the charge point and beyond


The charging experience is ultimately defined in the situation the end-user needs support. That is where the driver will know for sure if they are appreciated, and when even an unfortunate situation can be turned into a small victory with a fond memory of the customer service agent that helped in a tight spot.


EVA Assists serves as the safeguard for your charging operation, increasing your customer loyalty through loyalty to customer.

EV Specialized Agents

Trained by our own Academy, expertise further enhanced through customer-specific training.

Omni-channel 24/7/365

Via phone, email, social - Wherever you customer is. Available in major languages around the clock.

Optimized Routing

Our platform permits our agents to answer the calls and inquiries quickly, getting the driver on their way in minimal time.

Quality Assurance & Reporting

Interactions are monitored and our agents’ training is updated regularly. You receive transparent performance  reports.

Read our white paper on the future of charger infrastructure management.


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