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EMOBILITY MAKERS – Interview with Philippe Vangeel

August, 2021 / Blog

We are thrilled to have Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of AVERE, as our very first guest of the EMOBILITY MAKERS series! Philippe tells us how his career in eMobility kick-started, the role...

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Pedal to the metal: Why electrifying our European fleets is urgent?

February, 2021 / Blog

This week’s eVision two-day event shared surprising as well as promising facts on fleet adoption of EVs.

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What is superior customer experience in 2021?

January, 2021 / Blog

In 2021 a customer using your services must be able to access help whenever they need, through whichever channel best suits them, and in the language they choose to communicate in.

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Moving the World of E-Mobility Forward

December, 2020 / Blog

Many of us may be looking forward to bidding 2020 farewell, but with the holidays fast approaching and a new year just around the corner, let’s take a look at some of the positive news this year had...

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Electric Vans – Moving Towards Sustainable Transportation

September, 2020 / Blog

During the worldwide pandemic, people are delivering products online more than ever. The question arises: How harmful can the growth of online deliveries be for the climate? You may know, that the...

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Making The “New-Normal” Electric

September, 2020 / Blog

The virtual event on Monday 21st with Automotive EV gathered speakers from across the public and private sectors to discuss the future of our cities, driven by forces of innovative technologies and...

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Celebrating the Electrification of Transport with World EV Day

September, 2020 / Blog

Join the EVA team in celebrating the very first edition of World EV Day on September 9th, 2020!

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An Electric Roadtrip to Recovery

August, 2020 / Blog

Rethinking life after lockdown – Why we should all consider transitioning to an electric vehicle?

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COVID-19 Crisis-Busters!

June, 2020 / Blog

The last three months have been a time of monumental change with billions of people around the world confined to their homes, and also for the world of work- companies of all scales and...

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