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Celebrating the Electrification of Transport with World EV Day

September, 2020 / Blog

Join the EVA team in celebrating the very first edition of World EV Day on September 9th, 2020!

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An Electric Roadtrip to Recovery

August, 2020 / Blog

Rethinking life after lockdown – Why we should all consider transitioning to an electric vehicle?

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COVID-19 Crisis-Busters!

June, 2020 / Blog

The last three months have been a time of monumental change with billions of people around the world confined to their homes, and also for the world of work- companies of all scales and industries...

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5 Emerging Customer Service Trends in the Electric Vehicle Market in 2019

January, 2019 / Blog

The results of numerous surveys have revealed the number one priority of companies strategic objective is Customer Service, this has been prioritised over all other objectives when it comes to...

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ICE vs EV -Will a Reliable Charging Infrastructure & Customer Service Tip the Balance in Favour of EV?

October, 2018 / Blog

Everyone agrees that electric vehicles (EV) will help us to fight against the toxic urban air pollution produced by internal combustion engines (ICE). But what are the main reasons hindering the...

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